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Welcome to LIVING SPIRITUAL PRACTICE where we are dedicated to all of us turning out the way we were meant to be.

And creating a sane, loving world in the process.

LIVING SPIRITUAL PRACTICE offers you a huge array of spiritual tools and teachings to apply to you life.

Your life is your spiritual path. Each day, each hour, each minute gives you what you need to complete your unique journey.

Your life is where the rubber meets the road for you, in other words. This isn't the practice run.

Your life where you'll meet the challenges before you and grow. Or not.

Spiritual practice is how you'll attain your goals.


Nature reveals the mystery

Dear Readers,

When I was writing my book, STEPPING OFF THE EDGE: Learning & Living Spiritual Practice, I had a "bolt from the blue" realization. A sentence came to me, one of those sentences that contain a lifetime's learning:

Your life is your spiritual path.

If you're like me, sometimes you may think that being on the spiritual path involves going somewhere, or doing something, or generally being someone other than the person sitting at your computer reading this.

Your life is your spiritual path.

What we need to do is be ourselves, not live some of other life that looks spiritual, or maybe is spiritual––for someone else.

What I've been doing since getting zapped by those words is putting them into practice. I realized that daily spiritual practice is the way to make my spiritual goals living realities. The way to make me who I came here to be.

I'd like to invite you to join me on Living Spiritual Practice. We're going to practice what we preach here, every day, day by day.

This web site is new. It's contents are not. I've owned and written Spurs Magazine since 1998. You may have seen the articles here in Spurs, or maybe not. I'm reaching out, touching new people and organizations all the time. Please, take your time looking at the articles listed to the left. This is a huge site with lengthy articles containing the fruit of many years writing and a lifetime's learning.

Who am I? I'm an author, wife, mom, grandmother, wife, artist, horsewoman, dog lover and rescuer, philosopher, friend of the universe, and meditator––for a start. I've got two master's degrees, one in economics, and the other in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling. I've been an economist and coached negotiation at the graduate university level. I'm a business woman and a writer. Check out my web site,, for a more complete view.

I practice what I preach, and I only write what I'm given to write.

Please join me as this site evolves. I want to incorporate means of checking in, or having the site check with you. Have you done that spiritual work you wanted to do today? Are you on track with your plans? Now is all we have, you know.

My very best wishes in creating the life you were born to live,

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