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      • 2007 Benjamin Franklin AWards, Finalist in New Age (Spirituality/Metaphysics)
      • 2007 IPPY Awards, Bronze Medal Winner in Self Help
      • 2007 National Indie Excellence Awards, Finalist in Memoir, Self Help & Spirituality CA
      • 2007
        BEST BOOKS OF 2007, Finalist in Memoir, USA BOOK NEWS

"Sandy's book has got to be one of the most fun to read books about spirituality ever written. She takes the reader along on her adventures with a down to earth approach and style that keeps the reader in touch––with both reality and spirituality. Informative, entertaining, and enlightening."

Natural Horse Magazine Volume 8 Issue 5


"In one of my favorite books, Jesus is purported to have advised his followers that there are two ways to lead--by standing at the crossroads and pointing the direction (which a sign can do), or by heading down the path, saying "follow me."  In Stepping Off the Edge, Sandy Nathan demonstrates her spiritual and personal consciousness and aliveness by heading down the path, inviting people to enter spiritual practice through her own example.  Whether addicted to online shopping, traveling cross-country for the first time on her own at age 58, exploring her family's roots or saying good-bye to a beloved horse, Sandy Nathan shares how opportunities for spiritual growth and development are everywhere in life.  She gives specific exercises and ways to take advantage of these opportunities, too. Thank you, Sandy, for appearing on Full Power Living, and for writing Stepping Off the Edge, doing your part to tell the world to 'wake up'!""

Ilene L. Dillon, M.S.W.
Host, Full Power Living ( <>)
 Co-author of Happiness is a Decision of the Heart

"I invite you to read Sandy's book. Short stories are my favorite kind of reading, and this book is like that: a series of short pieces strung together. I like images and montages of images: I am very visual. Sandy presents things in little scenes that have different emotions. Reading it was like walking through a concert. Different instruments are played during each song; different kinds of sound rise and fall around me, producing feelings and images. That was pretty cool. She showed me glimpses of things, circles of things. That's the way I write my songs. The book wasn't like some scientific thing that takes the soul from the real meaning of healing and all the feelings going on. That's what I like about it.

"Sandy has a way of teaching that uses normal words so people can read and understand what she means. Some of the books you get at conferences use such professional language that unless you're a doctor, you can't understand what the person's saying. She doesn't do that, and I liked that. It made me want to know more about her."

Bill Miller Mohican-German Musician, Speaker, and Artist.
Winner of the 2005 Grammy Award for Best Native American Music Album
and other awards, including multiple NAMMY Awards, Spiritual Leader of the Gathering


"This is a dynamic book. It's alive with Ms. Nathan's passion, and her presence is in every line, teaching and learning with you, helping you when you stumble, because she's stumbled, too. It's rich with energy and meaning."

Gerald Di Pego Novelist-Screenwriter
Author of the screenplays for 'The Forgotten, 'Phenomenon'
'Instinct,' 'Angel Eyes,' 'Message in a Bottle,' and other films.

"A provocative and inspiring journey of discovery. It reads like a good novel."

Leonard Tourney Novelist
Author of Time's Fool: A Mystery of Shakespeare and
The Matthew and Joan Stock Mysteries


"Stepping Off the Edge: Learning & Living Spiritual Practice reads like a good novel, while teaching the great truths of humanity. A powerful tale of insight and spiritual unfolding, this book will take you to new realms of thought and feeling.

Sandy Nathan leads the reader with wit and warmth into taking a look at life, in particular, their own life and just what is going on. More importantly, she helps the reader ask the important questions. Do I like my life? Do I like the way I am living? If the answer is ‘yes,’ be ready to sit back and enjoy an enlightening excursion to another level of living. If you unfortunately answer ‘no,’ be ready to learn specific ways to turn ‘no’ into ‘yes’, or, at least, ‘maybe.’ Ms. Nathan guides without preaching, leads without pushing, and does it all with a sense of humor as she shares her own life experiences."

Blogging Authors


"Sandy's book speaks with a voice of authenticity born out of her personal odyssey through darkness into spiritual awakening. Her story is one powerful version of the impulse to seek the Divine, which we all contain at our deepest core. She has touched upon the most basic of human struggles; always with a hope of redemption and peace to be found when one becomes present to the sacredness of each moment."

Mary Ann Evans, Ph.D.
Neuropsychologist, mindfulness meditation teacher, and spiritual seeker


"By telling her own raw story, Sandy Nathan calls us to a deeper spiritual place. Her truth guides us like a laser beam towards a reality more real than our short earth life. By exposing her own inner work she calls us to choose growth. This is a book full of resources and exercises and wisdom to be read and reread."

Barbra Minar, Author
Walking into the Wind: Being Healthy with a Chronic Disease, Disking Deep, and other books


"Sometimes life's truths are best expressed not by the Einsteins of this world, but by people who raise incredible children, horses, and households, who naturally and intuitively recognize how the mystical worlds entwine themselves with the particulars of everyday and not so everyday life. Sandy Nathan has a particularly refreshing honesty that invites you to step beyond the limits of what is comfortable on your spiritual journey and then laugh at your own resistance."

Sudama Mark Kennedy, M.A.
United Nations award-winning healer, spiritual teacher, minister, musician, poet and scholar.


"Stepping off the Edge is beautifully written. It has many examples of Sandy's spirited events and the need for inner awareness."

Adele von Rust McCormick, Ph.D., Marlena Deborah McCormick, Ph.D. and
Thomas E. McCormick, M.D.
Horses and the Mystical Path and Horse Sense and The Human Heart


"I was struck by Sandy's genuineness and courage in sharing her journey and recovery. Her writing and the life it reveals are examples of the miracles that can happen when a person is committed to achieving freedom. Such miracles occur through work and perseverance. My life has shown me that healing is not simply a physical process, but an emotional and spiritual awakening. This book is a perfect example of that."

William T. O'Donnell, Jr.
Founder, Sierra Tucson, Inc.
Sierra Tucson is a comprehensive inpatient treatment facility helping individuals and families
overcome addiction and behavioral disorders and rebuild their lives.


"Each person's spiritual experience is unique. No one can tell another how to do it, how to find a meaningful, value-filled, purposeful life. But every person who seeks for that deeply soulful life is on a journey and it is perhaps the most important journey one can take. Sandy Nathan shares her journey with us and that is a gift. She takes us to specific places we may never go, but she reveals the larger paths that each of us will travel in seeking to find our Selves. Hers is a wonderful story of one woman's quest."

Dorothy Firman, Ed.D., LMHC
Psychosynthesis trainer, The Synthesis Center, Amherst, MA; professor at Vermont College, psychotherapist and author of Daughters and Mothers: Making it Work and Chicken Soup for the Mother and Daughter Soul (A New York Times Bestseller).


"Engaging, honest, & well written, Stepping Off the Edge will help many by bringing to light a little-known addiction. As a financial recovery counselor, I know that people can get into financial trouble in ways that aren't the usual credit or spending problems. On-line auction addiction is a new problem that I've never seen addressed the way it is here. In addition to presenting a compelling and engrossing story, Sandy demonstrates the adage applying to addiction: We are never free––we have daily reprieves."

Karen McCall
Founder and director The Financial Recovery Institute, speaker, trainer, and author of the MoneyMinder & Workbook, It's Your Money: Achieving Financial Well-Being, contributor to I Shop, Therefore I Am: Compulsive Buying and the Search for Self


"Sandy Nathan has not only captured the essence of the Gathering, but she has also scattered the seeds of its healing to others. Sandy, in Stepping off the Edge, sharing her flaws, her fears, her uncertainties, so that readers can connect, open up, and begin the healing process. I am both awed and humbled that the Gathering, with its tiny beginnings nearly a decade ago, now speaks to the hearts of so many hurting people through Bill Miller's words and, now, Sandy's book. Thank you, Sandy, for listening to that inner voice. Aho."

Delilah F. O'Haynes, Ed.D,
Instructor, Concord University.
A founder of the Native American Ministries (NAM) of the Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church,
Former NAM Board Member, Current NAM Resource.
(The Gathering, the Native American spiritual retreat in Stepping Off the Edge, is produced by NAM.)




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